Listed in this section are the Nine (10) schools with their respective majors

School of Agriculture

School of Business
   School of Education

  School of ICT (Information and Communications Technology)
   School of Law
   School of Theology
   School of Economics
  School of Science and Engineering
  School of Social Sciences and Human Studies

  Teacher Training College


The School of Business and Economics is designed for those whose professional experience has been in business administration, economics, and management. This school, as with the others, provides the student with advisors in several areas of expertise.

Business Administration Economics Management
Business Management Travel & Tourism Leadership
Marketing International Business Finance
Human Resources International Management Microeconomics
Trade International Finance Macroeconomics
Residential Nursing Care Secretarial Studies Accounting and Information Systems
E-Commerce Strategy and Economics Office Administration, Office Management


 School of Science and Engineering
The School of Science and Engineering focuses on those students whose experience is in industrial research, scientific production and the general sciences.


Mechanical Engineering Industrial Engineering Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Chemistry
Physics Computer Engineering Communications
Computer Science Computer Software Engineering Information Technology
Mathematics Biology Geography


  School of Social and Human Studies
The School of Human and Social Studies is aimed towards persons whose professional life has been related to social and human behaviour, with the arts, or with cultural studies.

Psychology Sociology International Affairs
Political Sciences Architecture Literature and languages
Public Administration Art History Legal Studies


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Financial Aid

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