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I hereby make application for admissions to AIU). The nontraditional concepts utilized by AIU have been explained to my complete satisfaction. All fees and tuition must be paid in full prior to graduation. I understand that degree cannot be conferred until all my financial obligations have been completed or otherwise cleared with Registrar. I understand that all application materials sent to AIU become the property of AIU.
I hereby further affirm that the information provided by me in this application is true and correct, and that there are no omissions or misstatements in my application. I consent to AIU and its University taking one or more of the following actions upon discovery, at any time, of any such omission or misstatement of mine in this application: (1) Voiding of my admission & registration to AIU; (2) Voiding of credit(s) for course work completed at AIU; and (3) Distribution of information relating to such omissions and/or misstatements to other academic institutions, governmental agencies, and other third parties.
I have received and read a copy of University Catalog, bulletin listing, schedules of fees, and course description. By entering my name below, I herby apply for admission to the degree program selected. Application for Admission will not be considered unless sent with supporting documents from your previous schools. Please Scan your Application Form along with all documents and send them by email with two passport size picture

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