Financial Aid

Financial Aid  For Students in Financial Need!

Strictly speaking this OFFER is valid for those students who cannot afford to pay The Normal Full Tuition Fee.

 Special offer:  for selected students only in Financial Need.

Financial Aid

Alliance International University awards financial assistance primarily on the basis of demonstrated financial need. …..To assist students in need of financial aid, AIU global offers Reduced Tuition Fees for all degree courses payment plan with payments as low as  for a Bachelor Degree.  You will be required to demonstrate your financial need status, put your request in writing accompanied by Documentary Evidence.

The AIU has a generous scholarship scheme for all enrolled students.

1.Our Gold Level Scholarships are worth 90% of the total tuition fees.

2.Our Silver  Level Scholarships are worth 70% of the total tuition fees

3.Our Bronze Level Scholarships are worth 50% of the total tuition fees.

Undergraduate (Bachelors), Graduate Courses (Master/Doctorate Level):
Typically, the highest Level scholarship is available set at 90% of the total tuition fees,  and the lowest level is set at 50% of the total tuition fees. The applicant must meet the minimum requirements  – Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification.

The Fees:
The fees and Scholarship do not include the cost of text-books or study materials. These items are purchased by the student separately.

As different Financial Aid use different criteria, please check that you meet the appropriate criteria for the Financial Aid you are applying for. Financial Aid usually pay for all or part of the tuition fee. and don`t include other costs such as Textbooks, graduation or any other expenses.

Readers, please note that This “OFFER” is mainly available for the students who are genuinely in Financial Need and are financially underprivileged. Please note that our Education Intelligence Department reserves the right to perform due diligence report to verify that the foregoing information you have listed in Financial Aid Application is true and complete. For other able students, you will pay full  Tuition Fee.

If you’re committed to getting the education you need for the life you desire, that’s great! And, if you need financial assistance to make it happen, you’re not be alone. Alliance International University will support you with financing options today that are easier to apply for and less costly than in the past.

How to pay for a quality college degree should never pose a barrier to those pursuing one. That’s because today Financial Aid options are far more plentiful than they used to be. And an increasing number of employers offer tuition assistance to dedicated employees seeking to advance their current careers. Don’t know where to start to find out more information? Don’t worry… that’s what the links on this page are for!

Our reasonable fees mean students of moderate means can gain access to quality education, which will expand their range of choices, opportunities and qualifications for the future.

We have always been very fair, generous and considerate with our tuition fees, making it possible for students all over the world, regardless of their income, to earn a university degree.

 How to apply for the Financial Aid:

1) First you must be admitted as a student of Alliance International Iniversity. To do this, please complete the application form and follow the instructions on the site to apply or call the Office of admissions to obtain an Application for Admission Form along with the Student Enrolment Agreement. Your application for admission must be accompanied by a Request in Writing for Financial Assistance demonstrating financial need, accompanied by Documentary Evidence.
2) Complete the Application for Admission along with other documents mentioned on item Number: (1) above. and mail the documents to the Financial Aid Office.

3) Your Financial Aid Advisor should contact you and assist you with additional documentation and answer your questions. Please note that it’s important to respond to requests for information as soon as possible.

4) That’s it! To prepare for starting school, we encourage you to successfully complete all of your necessary documentation well in advance of your first day of class.

If you need further information after you review this site, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our major responsibilities include evaluating applications for Financial Aid, processing Financial applications, and counselling students on how to manage the ever-increasing costs of an education. Please let us know whenever we can help you with any Financial Aid matters as you make your way toward a place in the Career profession.

Click on this Link to apply for the Financial Aid if you have already been Admitted


Click on this link to Apply For Admission online:


Click here to download the Application form for Admissions 

Completed forms along with the applicable fees and other supporting documents should be  Mailed , or by DHL or FedEx to:

DEAN of Admissions
National Admission Committee

Alliance International University
80 Kazimuli Close, Handsworth Park, Lusaka ,
P O Box UNZA,18 LusakaZAMBIA                                                                                             


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Financial Aid

Strictly speaking this OFFER is valid for those students who cannot afford to pay The Normal Full Tuition Fee. financial aid information.