Exams and Grading

Exams and Grading

The student will be required to sit for her/his AIU assessments in a supervised, proctored environment The AIU sheets for each course will be available at the assessment centre. All achievement exams are supervised, and are submitted to us by the Assessment Centre upon completion of the study and reading assignment for each lesson. The student will be notified promptly of the grade by mail.

Most courses include a mid-term examination and/or a final exam. The following table explains the exam scores and their corresponding grades:


Unless otherwise stated for a particular course or program, the University awards letter grades in recognition of academic performance in each course as follows:                                  

Magna, Summa, Magna and the Honor Roll

Graduating With Honors Requirements: Graduation with honors requirements vary.

(1). Summa Cum Laude 3.91 – 4.00 GPA  (The Highest Distinction, The Highest Honor).

(2). Magna Cum Laude  3.81 – 3.90 GPA  (The 2nd Highest Distinction with 2nd best Grades, with Honor)

(2). Cum Laude                3.67 – 3.80 GPA  (The 3rd Highest Distinction with 3rd best Grades, Merit Value, with Honor)

Grading System with Percentage (%) Points

100-97 Points
96-92 Points
91-90 Points
89-86 Points
85-82 Points
50-64 Points
Grade A+
Grade A
Grade A-
Grade B+
Grade B
Grade E
81-80 Points
79-76 Points
75-72 Points
71-70 Points
69-65 Points
00-49 Points
Grade B-
Grade C+
Grade C
Grade C-
Grade D
Grade F

Grade A+    First class Honours – Upper Division

Grade A      First class Honours – Lower Division

Grade A –    2nd Class   Honours – upper Division

Grade B+    2nd Class Honours  – Lower Division

Grade B-     3rd Class Honours

Grade B       Pass with merit

Grade C+    Above average

Grade C      Average

Grade C –    pass

Grade D      satisfactory

Grade E      Weak Pass

Below 50 points – below average (Fail)

AIU Students who score below 50 points on any achievement examination will be required to complete another exam on that lesson. Upon passing, a minimum passing grade will be entered as the grade for that exam, regardless of the numerical score of the re-take.

Our pass mark is too high as a guarantee of Quality Assurance of our Degree Programmes to provide a benchmarking system for programmes of higher education be it academic, professional or vocational to ensure that they achieve the standards as set by the Examination Board.

External Examiners

As part of University’s commitment to high quality, standards and rigour in its professional and vocational programmes, the University has established a panel of External Examiners comprising well-known academicians and professionals in their respective fields. All our Exams are supervised by invigilators appointed by the Hosting Government


Alliance International University (AIU) is an internationally recognized institution of post-graduate education in the Business Administration, Business management, social sciences, humanities and Teacher Training. It serves as an advanced centre of research and policy analysis and facilitates academic dialogue while preparing its graduates to serve as the region’s next generation of leaders and scholars. AIU seeks to contribute to the development of open societies in Asia Pacific and Europe by promoting a system of education in which ideas are creatively, critically, and comparatively examined. However, it has also become clear over the last decade that AIU is not the only part of the world experiencing the development of more open societies. In response to this spreading democratization, the university continues to focus on individuals and organizations in the region while extending the AIU Scholarship Program worldwide, with emphasis on students from countries experiencing emerging democracies. AIU’s teaching site is in Zambia.


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Financial Aid

Strictly speaking this OFFER is valid for those students who cannot afford to pay The Normal Full Tuition Fee. financial aid information.