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Please complete this Form accurately and sending-in all supporting documentary evidence


Application for scholarship will not be considered unless sent with supporting documents from your Employer, and, a payment of Normal fee of £35.00*.

Please enclose two photographs. The counter signatory (your immediate Boss/Headmaster) must endorse one at the back with the words “I CERTIFY THAT THIS IS A TRUE LIKENESS OF……………………………giving the full name and title of the person whose details are given in this form.

Financial Aid (To be filled in by AIU)

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(a) I have read the information of AIU Financial Aid, and understand the contents.
(b) If offered a Scholarship, I will observe the rules and regulations of AIU and I acknowledge that the responsibility for successfully completing course work for the degree program is my own and that AIU is not regally obliged to issue a degree unless all student course work, examinations, and other requirements are fulfilled by the student and approved by the AIU administration office.
I further certify that the foregoing information I have listed in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and fully realize that omission or falsification of information will be considered sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal of this application. I further acknowledge that you give no warranty and make no representation as to my future career or further education thereof. A decision to accept or reject such a degree program and tuition shall be entirely at my discretion, and you shall incur no liability whatsoever in respect thereof.

 I have read the terms and conditions
 I hereby agree to pay the application fee of GBP £35 - Non refundable

My signature below authorizes release of any information on this form, attached sheets, and school records to the scholarship committee.

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Application for scholarship will not be considered unless sent with supporting documents and, the £35.00 Application scholarship fee – Non Refundable